Falling-block Rifles


Falling-block rifles are characterized by simple handling, light weight and a short design and are particularly suitable for hunting in mountainous regions. We are building two types of falling-block systems – the Hagn action and the Heeren action.


Falling-block rifles with Hagn action


Our falling-block rifles with Hagn action are characterized by their clear-cut design, simplicity of handling, perfect function of all components and a precise single-stage trigger. We also offer a take-down version of the falling-block rifle and, upon request, provide additional barrels for rimmed and rimless cartridges in a wide range of calibres. No tools are required to change barrels.


Falling-block rifles with Heeren action


Heeren action falling-block rifles, the design of which has remained unchanged for over a century, have always been favoured as stalking rifles by discerning sportsmen. Their compact action makes them extremely short and easy to handle.

We take the greatest care in making the rifles to the original design to ensure unparalleled elegance and reliability. As for all our other rifles, we can supply Heeren rifles with a colour case-hardened action, if desired.

Customers have a choice of round or octagonal barrels.


Each handcrafted rifle is designed for individual hunting requirements to meet the particular requests of our customers when it comes to the optics, the engraving, the balance and the handling. We look forward to personally informing you about our products.

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