Double-barrelled rifles


The double-barrelled rifles we make feature a design that has been thoroughly tested down to the last detail. A laterally reinforced action with a treble-grip locking system provides maximum strength and the reliability required for hunting on all continents.


In addition, the self-opener system allows fast reloading. Our double-barrelled rifle stocks are handcrafted from the finest walnut, specially selected for its straight grain and toughness. Large calibre, double-barrelled rifles are provided with extended upper and lower tangs arranged in the comb to give additional stability. For mounting the telescopic sights, we use a quick-detachable scope mount system which is integrated in the quarter rib. This allows an unhampered aim over open sights after quick removal of the scope.


For over-and-under enthusiasts, we also manufacture an over-and-under double rifle.


Each handcrafted rifle is designed for individual hunting requirements to meet the particular requests of our customers when it comes to the optics, the engraving, the balance and the handling. We look forward to personally informing you about our products.

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