Otto Weiss finished his training as a gunsmith in 1955 in Suhl, and Gerhard Hartmann finished his in Hamburg in 1959. Otto Weiss furthered his knowledge in Switzerland and England, and Gerhard Hartmann went to work in Austria.


The two met in 1963 at a renowned sporting gun and rifle retailer in Hamburg and, in 1965, joined to produce individually crafted hunting guns.


The small workshop developed increasingly to produce individually crafted guns. The first completely handcrafted rifle was the falling-block rifle with Heeren action in 1970.


The end of the 1970s was met with a determination to expand. A suitable site was found in Rahlstedt, Hamburg, which offered an adequate place for workshop areas as well as a 100-meter, underground rifle range.


In 1980, Hartmann & Weiss was the first German company to manufacture Mauser Magnum bolt-actions as well as the short action in its original design after the war. Simultaneously, production of the Hagn action system was incorporated. The rising demand for our products called for an increase in employees, and the team was increased to six gunsmiths.


The range of products was continually expanded from the mid-1980s, resulting in the manufacture of systems such as side-by-side shotguns of various calibres, over-and-under shotguns and double-barrel rifles. Since 2007, we have been producing single-barrel side-lock break-down rifles with ejector as well.


Our goal for the past 40 years has been to provide customer satisfaction through the highest craftsmanship.

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