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We look forward to providing our customers insight to Hartmann & Weiss, the company we founded in 1965 in Hamburg, as well as our manufacturing program through our website. For nearly fifty years, experience in the gunsmith trade, combined with a young team of experts, has made it possible to manufacture sporting guns and rifles to the highest standard of craftsmanship. As each gun or rifle is individually handcrafted, we are able to incorporate virtually any special features our clients may wish for. Each handcrafted gun or rifle is designed for individual hunting requirements to meet the particular requests of our customers when it comes to the optics, the engraving, the balance and the handling.

Please see our homepage for detailed information about the different models of our hunting rifles and shotguns.

Used sporting guns, rifles and accessories also form part of our programme. We will be glad to help you select the weapon best suited to your requirements.


We look forward to personally informing you about our products.



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