Bolt-action rifles


Our bolt action rifles are based on the Mauser 98 bolt action, which enjoys a reputation of excellent reliability throughout the world.

For the different calibre sizes we produce three action lengths: the short, standard and magnum action. All three actions are available in a normal and take-down version.

After engraving, the outer metalwork of our rifles is either colour case-hardened, blued or greyed to suit the clients' requirements.


Short action


The easy-to-handle short action is, among others, suitable for the calibres . 243 Winchester, .308 Winchester, .22-250 Remington and the larger calibres .300 Winchester short Magnum and .270 Winchester short Magnum.


Standard action


With its magazine length, the standard action makes the gun especially suitable for cartridges for hunting European game.


Magnum action


The robust magnum action for hunting big game is available in the . 375 H&H, .416 Rigby and .505 Gibbs calibres.

Each handcrafted rifle is designed for individual hunting requirements to meet the particular requests of our customers when it comes to the optics, the engraving, the balance and the handling. We look forward to personally informing you about our products.

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