Side-by-side shotguns


Our side-by-side shotguns are entirely handcrafted using traditional locking designs. Practicality and efficiency combined with elegance and individuality are the reason why our side-by-side shotguns are leading the market. The action is made either in the classic design or as a round body, either with a single- or a double-trigger and a full self-opening system.

Pairs, sets of three and sets with different calibre combinations form part of our programme.


Over-and-under shotguns


For over-and-under enthusiasts, we manufacture over-and-under shotguns to a proven design. These sporting guns are characterized by their flat and timeless design and are provided with either single or double triggers. Our over-and-under shotguns are available in the following gauges: 12, 16, 20, 28 and .410.


Each handcrafted rifle is designed for individual hunting requirements to meet the particular requests of our customers when it comes to the optics, the engraving, the balance and the handling. We look forward to personally informing you about our products.


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